Fetch MI delivers mortgage insurance quotes rapidly, saving you time and money.

Currently, mortgage loan originators are forced to manually input information into six different mortgage insurance sites to ensure they are obtaining the best available quotes for the client.

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Why Fetch MI?

Loan originators are spending upwards of an hour obtaining quotes for each client.

On average, there are 10 loans a month per originator at about $260,000 per loan, costing over $1,350 monthly on gathering quotes (at $150/hr rate).

Fetch MI simplifies and automates the process of fetching & tracking mortgage insurance quotes.

Fetch MI’s unique meta-search service gathers quotes across multiple loan sites, compiles every quote in one place, and makes past quote searches easily accessible with our aggregated search history.

Fetch MI eliminates the guesswork and provides rates down to the penny.

We utilize risk-based pricing to provide the most accurate rates possible.

Servicing all parties in the industry.

Now everyone can generate 15 different quotes across five providers.